What is T20 (20-20) Cricket Match?Cricket 20 Twenty

2020 is the newest fastest and most explosive format of cricket there are 18 countries with twenty20 international or t20 I status the 16 ODI teams plus the Netherlands and Oman a t20 I match lasts for around three hours with each team batting once as in ODI cricket.

 T20i matches are played with a white ball and the players wear colored clothing similarly there are restrictions on both batting and bowling in t20 I matches batting as the name suggests each side has a maximum of 20 overs from which to score their runs bowling any one bowler is restricted to a maximum of four overs fielding there are two power play periods in t20I matches with a different number of fielder’s permitted outside a 30-yard circle at any time.

During each period one to six overs only two fielders permitted outside the circle seven to 20 overs five fielders are permitted outside the circle.T20i matches are all about speed with just one short break between each team’s innings furthermore new batters coming in have just 60 seconds to take guard after the last dismissal or they will be timed out dugouts are provided on the edge of the field to speed up the process because of the fast-paced nature of t20i cricket.

Multiple matches will sometimes be held in the same stadium on the same day such as when the men’s and women’s finals of the 2016 ICC World twenty20 were held in Kolkata twenty20 international cricket introduced the concept but the super over as a way of deciding the winner of a match that ends in a tie.

A match is tied if the scores are equal each team has one additional over with a team who batted second in the match batting first in the super over the fielding team nominates one bowler to Bowl the super over whilst the batting team has three batters meaning if two wickets fall that is the end of the super over once each side has batted for its super over the team with the most runs at the end of that over is the winner