What is Test Cricket Match | Test Cricket Rules

Test matches are contested by the 10 ICC full member nations test cricket is the only format of the game where each side has the opportunity to bat twice in the same match unique to world sport a standard Test cricket match is scheduled to be played over five consecutive days with each day’s play usually lasting seven hours including a 40-minute break for lunch and 20 minutes forty players in Test cricket wear their traditional white clothing and the match is played using a Red Bull up until 2015 Test match cricket was always played during the day the first day night Test match was played between Australia and New Zealand at the Adelaide Oval using a pink ball that was designed specifically for day/night.

Test cricket there should be 90 overs bowled during each day of a Test match but if players lost due to weather or bad light a maximum of one additional hours play can be added the following day to make up for lost time if one side is very close to winning the match at the end of a day they can request an additional 30 minutes play from the umpires who will extend play if they agree that a result could be achieved in Test cricket there are no restrictions on the number of overs aside can bat for per innings nor is there restriction on the number of overs that any one bowler can Bowl there is however a limit of two short pitch balls all bouncers per over that Ebola can Bowl a new ball becomes available to the fielding team after every 80 overs.

Test cricket is the only form of the game that can end in a draw a draw occurs when at the end of the fifth day the team batting last has not beaten the total number of runs set by the first batting side but they have also not been bowled out declarations are also unique to Test match cricket a declaration occurs when a captain makes a call to end their team’s innings early before they have lost all their wickets a declaration is a strategic move from a team’s captain when they feel that they already have enough runs to win the match but wish to still have enough time left in the game to bold the other team out  if the team batting second team fee does not get to within 200 runs of the team who batted first team a then team a’s captain has the option of asking team b to follow on this means that team b will begin their second inning straightaway before team a bat a second time the idea being that team a may not need to bat a second time if they can ball team b out twice before they reached team a’s first innings total in this instance team a is said to have won by an innings and 35 runs