PSL Sponsors 2023 – PSL Sponsors and Advertisers List

PSL Sponsors

The Pakistan Super League is gearing up for its eighth season premier league match, which officially begins in January and concludes in February. The tournament, in which six teams are participating, will be extremely competitive and a blast to watch. You can view the list of PSL sponsors and marketers for the Pakistan Super League 2023 below.

The final touches have been performed, and everything is just finally authorized. The squad is made up of quality players as well as a handful of overseas players. So let us glance at the comprehensive rundown of advertisers and sponsors for the Pakistan Super League in 2023.

List of Sponsors & Advertisers for the Pakistan Super League in 2023

The HBL Pakistan Super League acts as the league’s official companion for seven seasons. Jubliee, Brighto Paints, J., and OPPO mobile phones will participate as the tournament’s authorized PSL sponsors in 2022. The advertisers enter into a contract for three to four years, and so as time passes on, the numbers fluctuate, and the boundaries extend. There is consistently different legislation that the team and its members should indeed adhere to.

Other than this, every one of the remaining partners is:

  1. HBL
  2. Inverex
  3. Ariel
  4. pk
  5. Pepsi
  6. Jubilee Life Insurance
  7. Brighto Paints
  8. Oppo Mobile
  9. Head & Shoulders
  10. Tapal Tea
  11. TransGroup
  12. Blitz International

Other details:

  • From 2016 to 2018, 5,000,000 dollars was invested in the opportunity to bring on the inaugural advertiser for the Pakistan super league. Meanwhile, HBL extended the sponsorship obligations by 14,3,000,000 dollars from 2019 to 2022.
  • Even though some of the sponsors must maintain their ownership of the Pakistan super league for the 2023 campaign, some of these are fresh.
  • Due to the p layers’ enthusiasm and determination to put forth a formidable scoring performance to proceed to the playoffs, this campaign will indeed be delightful and engaging.


In conclusion, HBL has bought Pakistan Super League 2023 sponsorship rights. Habib Bank Limited has contributed a substantial monetary commitment to this tournament. The sponsorship obligations for the PSL in 2023 will again go to HBL for the following four years. For Pakistani cricket lovers, this represents one of the best tournaments of the entire year. All of the PSL 8 matches will be conducted with a great deal of anticipation and fun. The PSL tournament has garnered a great deal of excitement among cricket fanatics around Pakistan. Make preparations to cheer on your beloved player and squad.