How to play Cricket | Rules of Cricket

Cricket is played with the bat and ball that’s all you need and you can play with two players five players 11 players 20 players and you can play in big stadiums in parks on the streets in the house in the garage I have even played in my bathroom and my parents were annoyed with that and he raised so but at professional level of course they have 11 at 11 players and creating massive stadiums this is how the ball looks like it’s a heavy ball.

It has a really good bounce in it and the batters of wooden bat if you see it stick from here so this is the sweet spot if you want to hit a really good shot the professional ones play matches in massive stadium’s capacity of hundred thousand people’s and the average capacitors are of twenty thousand and just to give you a perspective of how big the stadium is here’s a football field which is 110 meters the soccer field is of same length but the width is 70 meters a cricket field is a circular field and the diameter is 140 meters so it’s a massive stadium the first match was played between USA and British Empire’s in 1844 in New York.

Since the inception of cricket they have started match with the coin toss a bit coin toss yes no I’m kidding yeah they start with a regular coin and the team who wins they choose whether they want a bat or ball so one team is a bowling team which since they’re 11 players on the field and the batting team sends two batsmen on the field and the nine players stay in the pavilion waiting for their chance there are two umpires.

This is a Maine Empire this is a site umpire now every actions happens on the ball do you see this white thing here it’s a ball and this guy is a bowler he throws the ball which the job of wicket keeper is to catch the ball and that’s why it’s called wicket keeper and all of the players are called fielders so just some terminology and the batting team have their batsmen and the goal of batting team is to score runs they need to score runs or points and the goal of bowling team is to take wickets make them out or do a dot ball dot ball is threw a ball.

So that they are not able to score any runs now something about the field this white line that you see is called as boundary if ball goes outside boundaries they score points and there are other ways I’ll talk about them later this brown thing is called pitch it’s made up of sand and this this is a lot of variability and pitch if the sand is dance or soft pick or coarse or ten or humidity but the grass is the ball performs differently based upon the configuration of the pitch may bounce more may spin more these three stakes on the other either side of the pitch are called stumps this green field is called infield.

The area between the infield and boundary is called outfield during some part of the game there’s a rule that you can have only two players outside the infield so it’s during some part but just for your information not always they can have these field outside during some part of the game now every action happens with the ball once the ball is Davila delivered then something happens now how a bowler delivers ball there are some rules.

If a bowler is on the left side it’s called over the wicket and if it goes to the other side it’s called round the wicked for a right-handed batsman now the bowlers job is to throw a ball in such a way that it should go through this imaginary blue area so bowler throws a ball with the bounce if it goes through the blue area it’s good if the ball goes outside the blue area on this side or either side it’s called a wide ball that doesn’t count that doesn’t count and gives a one run the another world if the bowler stepped outside this white line or if a bowler throws a ball above the batsman’s waist that’s called no ball that ball also doesn’t count so why ball no ball it doesn’t count.

So for a bowler to deliver a good ball the ball should bounce and it should go from this blue area or if it’s throwing directly it should be below the waist of the batsman that’s our ball is thrown one ball then he comes through the second third fourth fifth six he throws six balls and that’s in completion of an over once an over is completed this guy goes off another bowler comes in or pitcher comes in he throws six ball he goes off the next one comes in.

So on so forth now the job of batsmen is to score runs how can he score runs very common method is he runs between the wickets so here baller throw the ball batsman hit the ball now batsman runs they change their side and then the baller the fielder throws the ball back to the wicket keeper now since this dude came from here once and this guy came from there once it’s called one run now to make two runs guess what yeah you’re right the need to run twice so this is how a two runs looks like they hit the ball this was one run they ran again so it’s two runs double run they can do triple run so triple run would be like he throw the ball he hit the ball here and this guy’s going chasing the ball meanwhile he’s chasing.

They have enough time so he ran three time he also ran three time that’s a triple run another way of scoring is he hit the ball outside the boundary that’s called six runs so ball came in he hit it directly out the boundary that’s a six-run if he hit a shot and it bounced in the ground before the boundary that’s a 4-run so if we hit it outside directly that’s a six-run but if it has a one bounce to bounce or anything more than one bounce that’s a four run so batsman could score one two three four or six runs now the goal of bowling team is to throw balls.

So that the batting team cannot score runs and to take wickets to make them out remember nine players are in the podium so their goal is to make them out and take wickets so how can they take wickets the most embarrassing way of taking wicket for a batsman or to get out for a batsman as a bowler comes through the ball batsman misses ball hits the stump it’s called bowled it’s really humiliating for a batsman because he needs to defend it using his bat.

He missed it now once he’s out he goes out and the next batsman comes in so that’s called one wicket so if they can take two three four 10 wickets then the inning ends what are the other ways to make out or take wicket the second popular way is hit the ball and he caught it it’s called caught out so caught out as a fielder catches the ball before it bounces so can be this or he catches it directly or here the shot he catch it basically if they caught it in the air before bounce it’s called caught out the next way is called run out so batsmen are running between the wickets and the fielder blow off the stump so this dude was here when the stumps were born.

I’ll show you again so bowler hit the ball this dude is here and it hit the stump so he’s out he needs to be inside this line before ball hits the stump it’s called run out next way is stumped out so this guy needs the batsman needs to be behind this white line otherwise what keeper can hit the stumps and then you’ll be stumped out another way of getting out of leg before wicket.

So here the ball was about to go and hit the wickets but the batsman put his leg between the wicket that’s called LBW now this can be subjective because maybe the ball was going here and not hitting the wicked so in that case it’s not out and that’s a subjective thing with referee but now with the technology of Hawkeye they can really see whether the ball was about to hit the wicket or not and make the decision whether it’s an out or not it’s really bad way of getting out is called hit wicket where a batsman hit the wicket using his bat or foot or body it’s really humiliating it doesn’t happen very often but it can happen so you can see the constraint for a batsman is he should not hit the wicket and he should not go ahead of this white line otherwise this guy can stomp him out.

So he needs his constraint is to stay within this area and hit the runs so what’s an evening like for how long do they play so we know the ballers job is to throw the balls and take wickets the batsman job is to score runs so till what time do the play so I’ll talk about a one-day match where they throw 50 overs so 6 balls and then over and then inning ends when they throw 50 overs so that’s like 300 baht this guy comes in throw six balls he goes out the next one comes and he throws six balls that’s two over they have to do this thing 450 times or what they can do is hit through your ball and his out so he goes out next one comes in that’s first out and then he threw a ball he got caught out so he goes out next one comes in two three like that.

If they can take 10 wickets that’s the end of Ealing so 50 overs or 10 wickets that’s when the batting team stops their batting and whatever score they have scored that’s their score now the goal of the batting team is to score runs as many runs as they can now how do we decide who’s the winner so for example the first team team boost go to 90 runs whether they got 10 outs or 50 overs completed any situation now the yellow team will come and start batting.

The team yellow wins if they score more than 290 runs pretty straightforward they need to come hit more than 290 run the goal of blue team is to take in the kids before team yellow score 290 runs they will win in that situation or team blue throws 50 overs and team yellow were not able to score 290 runs and that gives also blue team wins now if at the end of the 50 overs or ten wicket the score is 290 to 90 that’s a draw so it can happen that people watch it for a long time and it’s a draw now I’ll talk about a situation a practical situation here you can see this is a batsman this is a batsman and this guy is a bowler.

This is an empire so this guy will run come here threw a ball and this guy will hit a shot and then maybe they run here and there one run to run or he threw a ball he hits in foreign or he hits six runs oh this is again for if he hits a shot outside the boundary directly this is a boundary the yellow line so if we hit it outside then it’s called six runs here India is playing this five represent wickets so India has lost five wickets they have scored 253.

So the bowling team Australia in this case has delivered 48 hours there are 50 overs which means two overs are remaining and in one over there are six balls – how many balls are remaining 12 balls so here it says 12 walls and I think India meets 17 runs in 12 bolts so that’s a scenario the stadium as you can see is massive it’s used the players look small so it’s a lot of fun to watch cricket and to play cricket it’s it’s a beautiful sport it’s it just so amazing I absolutely love it and I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love it too now to give you an idea the formats of cricket I have the champions here so here if you see t20 t20 is where they play for 20 overs so rather than 50 overs they just for 20 overs and then they change the inning and Pakistan is the champion the ODI is the one that I have been explaining in this video where they throw 50 overs and England is the champion there’s another format which is called Test match.

They play for five continuous days they come in the morning play till evening go sleep next they come in the morning a little evening go sleep play for five days each team gets to do the batting twice and sometimes it’s just draw mostly it’s a draw so they play for five days and it’s a draw it’s it’s a different format some people really like it I’m not a very big fan of it I enjoy t20 and ODI match more here’s a test match ranking just to give you an idea which all countries play so India so they’re freaking England New Zealand Australia Sri Lanka Pakistan West Indies Bangladesh Zimbabwe these are the teams who have been playing cricket for a very long time and they are really really good.