Top 5 Interesting Facts About The Ashes

Most prestigious match up England v Australia number five the ashes origins we open the batting in 1882 as Australia defeats England for the first time on English soil the countries had met previously with the visitors famously fielding an Aboriginal team in 1868 but always as a standalone event following this inaugural loss at The Oval however the press lambasted the home side with the sporting times penning an obituary for English cricket and suggesting that it’s ashes had been taken to Australia when team captain honourable Ivo blind led in English tour down under three months later.

The goal was to regain them eventual victory on their rivals patch saw Brian company presented with a little Inn and the rest is history now before a matter of diplomacy crickets a gentleman’s game right not during the 1932-33 series in Australia when aggressive English tactics threatened international relation in a bid to stop the legendary Aussie Don Bradman England deployed their bodyline bowling tactics controversially forcing defensive batsmen to edge into the slips under Douglas jardins captaincy and with Howard llywydd leading the attack the tourists cruise to a 4-1 win.

But not before causing some serious injuries and being branded and sportsman like that term sparked public uproar at home and England Australia trade agreements were stretched to breaking point before it was rescinded number three the Billy midwinter story the ashes anecdotes are ample there’s Fred Truman sleeping in his car before dismantling Australia in 1961 David GAO’s heroics with a borrowed bat in 85 David Boone’s sinking 52 beers on his flight to the 89 series but our middle order is Billy midwinter the only man to play for both sides with for England outings and 8 appearances for Australia midwinter’s Korea stretched across the pre and post ashes error a standout moment came in 1878.

He was preparing to bat for Australia but was kidnapped by WG Grace the iconic Englishman and Gloucestershire captain was incensed when Midwinter dropped County duties for his adopted country so he bundled him into a camp and forced him to the crease number two the stats to beat records are meant to be broken but some will stand for a long long time Don Bradman isn’t likely to be topped on the run scoring charts with 5,000 and 28 his closest rival Jack Hobbs notched 3636 an Englishman takes the highest single score however Len Hutton with 364 in 1938 but it’s Bradman who boasts the most centuries with 19 Shane Warne tops the table four wickets taken with 195.

But England’s Jim Laker landed the most in a single match taking 19 for just 90 runs in 1956 most catches that’s Ian Botham with 54 most appearances Australia’s Sid Gregory but Gregory also holds an unwanted record with 11 dunks he scored 0 more than any other Ashes player number one the little earn is a love story despite all the animosity and the endless sledging the ashes is really just a long-running romance Florence Murphy helped present the urn which may have been more fees perfume bottle to ivo Bly in 1882 the occasion was one of the first times the pair had met but they’d eventually marry and become ill and Countess of Donnelly and they kept the urn until Bligh’s death when his wife donated it to Marlborough Cricket Club where it is stayed ever since besides to ceremonial tours of Australia believed to contain the ashes of a burnt Vale and featuring a verse from Melbourne punch magazine the inn is just 11 centimetres high it’s one of sports smallest but most historic prizes