What is ODI Cricket Match?

One day international cricket or ODI cricket is a limited overs form of the game where the entire match is scheduled to be completed within one day there are currently 16 countries with one day international status the 10th full member nations plus these six teams in ODI cricket each team bats just once and the match lasts between 7 to 8 hours with one break that’s usually between innings.

As opposed to Test matches there are certain restrictions in ODI cricket batting each side has a maximum of 50 overs from which to score their runs bowling any one bowler is restricted to a maximum of 10 overs a bowler can Bowl a maximum of two bouncers per over fielding there are three different power play periods with a different number of fielders permitted outside a 30-yard circle at any time.

During each period 1 to 10 overs only two fielders permitted outside the circle 11 to 40 others four fielders permitted outside the circle 41 to 50 overs five fielders permitted outside the circle in ODI cricket players wear colored clothing and the match is played using a white ball in fact there are two white balls used in each innings of an ODI match with each ball being used for twenty five overs play from either end.

This is to ensure each ball stays fresh clean and visible throughout the innings in ODI matches any noble results in the following ball being a free hit meaning the batter cannot be out in any way other than run out ODI matches are very often played as day/night matches creating an electric atmosphere under floodlights and allowing even more fans to enjoy a full day of cricket.