How To Play Tennis | Tennis Rules for Beginner

Tennis can be played and singles one versus one doubles two versus two team event which is a combination of singles and doubles it’s it can be for singles one doubles or any combination then there’s a mixed doubles where a guy in the girl players guy and the girl now let’s talk about tennis code tennis code there’s a net in between it which divides it into two parts your area and your opponent’s area there’s a baseline you need to hit shot within the baselines there’s a service line you need to solve between net and the service line.

There are doubles line because this whole thing is used when you play doubles and then there are singles line because this is the only area which is used when you play tennis singles rest of the area’s ignored so we’re going to talk about tennis singles and then they will extrapolate it to the doubles so let’s ignore rest of the area then you can see there is a symptom mark what’s the purpose of center mark so let’s just say you’re standing facing the net well that’s difficult to tell in this.

The scenario so let’s rotated you’re facing the net there’s a center mark which divides caught into right hand side and left hand side every time you start a game you’ll be standing to the right hand side of the center mark so you are standing on the right hand side of the center mark and your opponent is standing on the other side every point in tennis start with the surface so you’d serve when you’re serving you’re standing on the right hand side of the center mark and behind the baseline so this is the blue area in which you can toss the ball and hit the ball once you hit the ball it’s first bounce should be in this green area to have a good serve.

Life give you one chance but tons gives you two services you toss the ball if it’s bounce is not in the green area you’re for service fault and then you get the second serve yeah if your second serve is good then you it’s your opponent’s turn to hit the ball in such a way that the balls bounces in this green area once he has done that then it’s your responsibility to hit the ball in such a way that the bounces in the green area and this can go on forever.

So how do you win the point well to win a point there are four ways you hit a really good shot that he’s not able to reach there it’s called winner’s shot or you hit a shot that it has two bounces before he returns it called double bounce third option is you hit a shot and the hit into the net and the fourth is most common when you hit a shot and your opponent hit it outside the playing area so these are four ways in which you can win a point now let’s talk about scoring and tennis like every other sport tennis start with 0 0 but in tennis zero is known as love so you say love all when you win the first point it’s called 15 when you win the second point it’s 30 when you win the third point it’s 40 and if you win the fourth point that means you won a game.

So you need four points to win a game and then you need six games to win a set and you need to win two sets to win a match so you need to win lot of points to win a match so get ready for it now let’s simulate a match just to go through the scoring and where you stand and how you serve so 0 0 if you’re watching tennis on the TV you always see there’s a blue blue pointing thing or a ball or anything in front of a player’s name that signifies that that player is serving since this is you and you are serving there’s a tennis ball in front of you tennis core is 0 0 call this love wall now your opponent is standing there can he stand anywhere yes he can stand anywhere in this area but just think about it your first bounce should be in this green area.

So think about the trajectory of your tennis ball that’s where your tennis ball can go and then standing right in the middle of it so that’s a really good strategic position if you are standing at p1 you need to watch my video you cannot stand there it’s useless if you’re standing p2 then probably you’ll have to hit the service directly without a bounce and you cannot do it you have to let the ball bounce when you’re receiving the serve so that’s violated be three and four.

Three very close you’ll have less time P four very far ball might have two bounces before it reaches you so P Phi is a good position now let’s start it you get to sell first of all you have second serve you hit the second serve good self hits and good shot he walked that’s a winner shot he got the point his core becomes fifteen and tennis whoever is serving you call out he’ll score first or her score so it’s love-15 after first point first point you stand here so here second point youth you switch side remember you stand in the right hand side of center mark.

Now you come to the left hand side and you have to solve in the other side at the green box called service area that’s a good sir you own the points the score becomes 15 odd that’s an ace of aces very popular if you solve and your opponent is not able to touch the racket to the ball that’s called an ISO and you win a point 15 all good oh that’s a letter so basically what letters when you’re serving your ball hits the net and then bounce in the service area then you reserve it but if your serve hit the lead and its first bouncing outside the server area it’s a fault so in this case you get it for self again good so he hits an outside shot you win the point your score is 30 this is 15 30 15 next point good stuff into the net you’ve got the point one more forty fifteen oh that’s in fall so you get a second so he hits an outside shot and you want again remember you win a four point you win a game now that you’ve won a game your game score becomes zero zero but that counts towards your set score so your set score becomes one zero now you need to win five more games to win a set that’s how it works four points to win a game six games to win the set and two sets to win a match that’s about tennis now let’s talk about doubles what what how different doubles is then singles and doubles for players this is you your team it your opponent won and open in two just like in singles you stand to the right hand side of center mark for the first point just from this blue area you serve in the green area but because it’s doubles you get an extra area so you can stand anywhere in this blue area and you have to serve in the green area you hit a good serve you want the first point just like in singles you come from that side to this side but now since all one is receiving this service block Oh – we’ll go back and receive in this service block so OH – goes back and get ready to receive the serve or one comes back your teammates stand there because that’s a good strategic position I’ll talk about strategy in other videos we don’t have much time here so in second point you stand here and you need to serve in this green block once the point is done you go back and then you need to serve in this area