Rules of Football | Rules of Soccer | Beginner Guide

Football is played in massive Stadium this is San Siro capacity 80,000 it’s in Italy I’ve been there it’s so loud and noisy and in the night the stadiums look even incredible with the light shining on it’s amazing experience now the basic thing is there’s a team a and their goal their objective is to hit the ball inside this goalpost.

The team be their objective is to hit the ball inside this goalpost as simple as that now we look at the top view of the same stadium and this is how it looks like I’ll be explaining the marking later but basically this is the playing area if ball is in this area it’s good if good it goes outside like it goes outside the goal line or if it goes outside the sideline and different things can happen the clock is running clock.

So it keeps on picking on no matter if someone is injured if the ball is out if ball is not in a playing game it’s 90 minute game they play two halves of 45 minutes each and 11 players on each side they have three substitution allowed but the substitution is one way it’s not like basketball you can go out and come in and go out no once you go out you’re substituted you’re not able to play for rest of the game.

There’s an injury time added to the running clock so after 90 minutes based upon how many injuries happen how many times you know the game was stopped they add one to eight minutes approximately now this is how they start so you can see a team 11 players another team of 11 players there are four referees over here you see bench it’s a substitution area so the eleven players play on the ground and there are other six to seven players sitting on the bench which can be substituted during the game.

But only three can be substituted here you would see out of all these eleven players one is dressed differently same and the other team that guy is called goalkeeper so everyone except goalkeeper cannot use their hands they just need to use their head chests and lakes that’s all but the goal people can use hands in a certain part of the field this is how typically a match start every one of one team is on site a another team is side B nobody will be standing in the circle and this guy starts by kicking it off now.

If I give you a top view of the field this is how they stand as I said there’s only one guy in the circle that’s why the circle is there just for the kickoff once the kickoff is done and then it doesn’t matter until a goal is scored here I would say this is a goalkeeper and goalkeeper can use hands in this area outside this area goalkeeper cannot use hands now these four players are called defense their job is to protect opponent from scoring goals these are called midfielder their job is to protect the goal as well as move the ball forward and then these two are strikers.their job is to score the goal now.

I have written s m and D for striker midfielders and defense as the game progress they move across the field this is how a typical in-between game scenario would look like so strikers are typically moving in this area defenses are typically moving in this highlighted area and midfielder needs to move a lot carrying ball from offense to defense this is how a 4-4-2 formation looks like so when they play the match they move forward and there are four difference for midfield for two strikers it’s a typical formation not a good balance between offense and defense.

The 4-3-3 is very attacking there are three strikers and let’s talk about gold the way in which you can score a goal so you can hit the ball by a foot smash it into the net the goal post and you can score a goal or the second way is you can direct it by your head and score a goal now the goalkeeper need to defend a lot of areas so he’s allowed to use hands but only in the designated area and get pumped up as well in order to score a goal the ball you’d cross the goal line and there is a goal decision system which ensures that the ball is beyond the line now if you throw the ball outside the sidelines there’s a throw.

So if you tackle the ball outside or if your player is moving and took the ball outside so whoever touched the ball last before it goes out the other team gets to throw in the ball if you get the ball outside these sidelines if attacking team gets it outside by just dribbling it or if the attacking team just throw the ball outside it then the goalkeeper get a chance to put the ball anywhere in the square and kick it into the game to play it now if the ball goes beyond the goal line after flipping the defensive goalkeeper here you can see if it would not have touched the goalkeeper then it would be goal kick.

But because it touch it so it’s a corner here the defensive player took the ball outside the sideline so it’s a corner kick you put the ball in corner toss it in and try to score a goal goal deeper in this case caught it and he can toss the ball and kick it into the game or he can just drop the ball and kick it to his players or he can just throw the ball so goalkeeper got a lot of options there our fault if the defensive player tackles bad then they get a yellow card yellow card is a warning here it’s a bad tackle no we’re on the ball so it’s a foster yellow card if the player does that again look he’s not even close to the ball just damaging the player then it’s a second-year lookout which means it’s a red card and he is out of the game they will have to play with one less player you don’t always get two yellow cards if your tackle is really bad.

You can directly get the red car like in this case now he’s out of the game he’s sent off but if your tackle is good you don’t get any card in this case the defensive player the guy in the red shirt he hits the ball he does not hit the player he or she he hit the ball so he is fine no card for him so good tackle no problem that tackle issues now depending where you do the tackle it and be costly here he just slapped the opponent he just slap it.

So if you slap or you do a fall it you get a free kick foul anywhere in this area you get a free kick which means you just place the ball and the other team can come in and kick it directly into the goal it’s very dangerous most of the time if it’s close to goal they score a goal so defensive players need to be careful here a header and the goal there is another foul thing called penalty kick if anywhere here it’s a free kick if you do a foul in this area it’s penalty kick here the foul is in the goalkeeper area the big box so it’s a penalty kick that’s a direction for penalty kick.

The yellow card because that’s a bad fall here see there’s no no very ball and he just crashed the other player so penalty kick high chances of scoring goals since the ball is close to the goal just goal keeper and the player now the another thing is offside here if you see the guy on the top as a referee he raised the flag called it offside why because the attacking player is beyond the last defensive player when his partner or his teammate was passing the ball that’s offside that doesn’t count.

If he score a goal doesn’t count you just place the ball there and opponent team starts so here see the Gareth Bale a guy is beyond the last defensive man when his partner is passing the ball so it is clear offside in case when your player is good has not be on the last defensive man there’s no foul you can continue to play football is played for 90 minutes if it’s a tie they play for 30 extra minutes if it’s tied again then they go for penalty shootout which is each team takes five penalty kicks just goalkeeper and their player so the first player comes in kicks the ball and he missed it it’s on the pole so they didn’t go to score at the team come score so they got at one point then Brazil comes in second chance they missed it so they got 0 Portugal comes in score the goal they got 2 so whoever gets more out of 5 shots that team vents and if it’s a tie then they just go for one more and one more and one more here it’s it’s a three three last kick by Portugal and they want they want and they celebrate they celebrate and the team who lose they are sad like in the sport it’s brutal the team who wins got the glory.