Crickets vs Baseball – fine sports of the baton ball but which is better this calls for a good old-fashioned Julie a jokes one coverage in the nineteenth century Britain went all around the world forcing countries at gunpoint supply crickets pretty soon the entire Commonwealth was playing except Canada why won’t you play with us Canada we have the same queen be fair baseball too has a World Series although that world is North America but Japan and South Korea are quite good can they play – no cricket wins this round – a duration baseball is considered long in America but then again that’s true of anything in America longer than a commercial break but crickets takes the biscuit a Test match can last five days and still end in a draw.

That’s 35 accumulated hours with no end result cricket sports way of trolling it’s hard to believe but this one goes to baseball three pitching baseball players play with a diaper stitched together by an eight-year-old cricketers get the hardest rock they can find paint it red then run it through a sewing machine in cricket – Bowl you must rub the ball against your groin until it leaves a red stain then you run as fast as you can towards the batsman before having an epileptic fit in baseball you wind your whole body up into a ball like a hedgehog in pajamas bizarrely.

That’s even more ridiculous sorry jack but cricket wins this round for fielding left field right field center field how boring how about these actual cricket positions then silly mid off cattle corner deep backward square leg nobody can keep a straight face when asked to filled in those positions and that only adds to the challenge and what’s with the glove Americans on only one hand you look like you’ve raided a lost property bin cricketers are fearless with no gloves except.

When they bat and have to turn up in a foam suit of armor yeah that kind of undermines it all this one goes to baseball by batting in baseball you get three goals if you can’t hit the ball in any of those three goes you shouldn’t be playing in the first place but even if you’re out you get another eight innings America really is the land of opportunity in cricket you can be out first ball and that’s that a slow walk back to the pavilion where you sit on your bottom and eat sandwiches surrounded by a moat of your own tears there happens to me every weekend this one’s a tie I love sandwiches right we need a decider how about a no money this is Clayton Kershaw he earns 32 million dollars a year and homes 28 cars this is Ian Bell he earned seven shillings and eight pence