History of Tennis

Tennis the game were to this day you have no idea how the scoring system works my name is Emma laser let’s get to it the white tennis comes from Old French 10 e or 10 a meaning to receive which was most likely called by the server to an opponent before he served these French words were brought into the English language by the Normans and there were modified into 10s and later on tennis.

Tennis referred to Canada the proto tennis called real tennis royal tennis or in French you should a pawn real tennis started in Europe around the 16th century Howard there was an even older game dating back to the 12th century friends where people used to hit balls with their hands and it was only when real tennis came along that a tennis racquet was added to the game and the court moved into an enclosed space real tennis was a huge success within the European nobility especially in France.

Where the game was encouraged to play by France is the first of France not only between Nobles but also between commoners the tradition of French kings playing and encouraging real tennis continued by a list of French kings for example Charles de 9 who granted a constitution to the corporation of real tennis players and created a first tennis tour in 1571 it crossed the Strait in England the game of real tennis card on 2 with Henry the fifth but also Henry d8 who was set to play the game with gusto and determination there were lots of nobles.

Even some common areas not just Kings who played real tennis during this time and there wasn’t really a unifying set of rules for real tennis just as you played the same version of a card game with different rules than your friend does so did the nobles in Europe play real tennis by house rules and this can be seen in a book I can’t pronounce which was written by Antonia purely because of the fact that he got fed up by all the different rules and wanted to standardize real tennis by writing a book about it sadly this didn’t happen and slightly different versions of real tennis were played all around.

Europe it was also during this time that the scoring of tennis may have evolved although still very debatable by scholars the 15 30 and 45 scoring of the game may come from the fact that the score was kept on a clock face where the minute hand symbolized the score you had and because to win a game the hand had to finish a full circle 60 minutes it had to move by 50 minutes every time to finish that circle the 45 was later on changed to 40 as The Deuce was invented however in the 17th century under the English Puritans Milton lost popularity in England and in the 18th to 19th century even though the Tennis Court Oath was very important event in a French Revolution it still doesn’t help real tennis during the Revolutionary period as it was seen as a noble’s game but with real tennis falling out of favour in Europe new racquet games emerged like rackets squash and lawn tennis from which today’s tennis during the 19th century there were several similar games of Lawn Tennis designed.

The important ones being designed by English Harry gem and his friend algorri or Pereira and the other by Walter Clopton Wingfield Harry’s an agarose game wasn’t that much similar to the modern tennis Howard they did start the Tennis Club in lamington making it the first Tennis Club in the world on the other hand Walters Lawn Tennis was most likely the true predecessor of tennis even though his tennis was played on an hourglass shaped court with the net being even higher than hundred forty centimeters.

The Serb had to be served past a service line rather than in front of it despite this his version of Lawn Tennis was the most played game of Lawn Tennis and spread around England Europe and America again with everyone playing a slight different variation of the game but with so many variations of the game being played around the world how did they standardize it well that brings us to the grand slam where the winner is the person that can slam the ball the hardest wait what it’s not true tennis always disappointing me anyway that brings us to the granddaddy of all tennis tournaments Wimbledon.

The first and the oldest of the Grand Slams the first Wimbledon was held in 1877 to raise money for the All England Club the winner of the tournament was called and I quote the Old England Lawn Tennis Club single-handed champion of the world compensating for anything the first tournament culminated in a significant debate on how to standardize the rules in the following year the tournament was recognized as the official British championship and the rules for British Lawn Tennis became more standardised across the ocean in the USA the rules of Lawn Tennis vary from city to city from Club to club.

Therefore in the 1881 United States national Lawn Tennis Association was founded and later on renamed to the USTA it was this new Association that held the first u.s. national men’s singles which later on became the US Open in New Port Rhode Island apparently moved to NYC later the first Australian Open was held in 1905 but didn’t really received much attention all the way to the 1970s to it seclusion for much of the tennis playing world even though Lawn Tennis was predominantly played in English.

Arius it started to rise in popularity in other countries too for example friends we’re the first French Open was held in 1891 and was recognized as the Grand Slam in 1925 in 1998 Dwight F Davis of Harvard University wanted to create a tennis tournament where US would compete against Britain and so created the International Lawn Tennis Challenge this caught on with other tennis playing countries and tournament quickly became the largest between nations tennis competition and the world however following the death of Dwight Davis in 1945 the tournament was renamed in his honor to Davis Cup in which at the turn of the millennia hundred.

Thirty countries participated in the Fed Cup on the other hand had a brush start being rejected in multiple occasions until 1963 when the Federation Cup was played officially for the first time 1913 saw the creation of the International Lawn Tennis Federation or as it is known today the ITF also very 20th century Lawn Tennis evolved into the tennis we know and love today in 1972 day TV was established to protect the professional men’s tennis players from the business practices of the professional tennis ters at the time and a year later the WTA was created for women professional tennis players in the end the game of tennis went through a lock kings nobles commoners deaths revolutions complications discriminations innovations so this weekend when you turn on the TV and see two people dressed in all white hitting a weirdly colored ball with pans that have holes in them think of the history that led to death one.