Attention fans of baseball the sports with helmets that only cover one here every year the American League and the National League go head-to-head in the all-star game to decide which league is better but what if you want to know which league is better right now well you’re in luck the two Eagles of America are locking beaks and shouting in unison let’s have a face-off.

I know that’s ice hockey a pitch off I think it’s a pitch off round one rules the biggest difference between the National League and the American League is the designated hitter each team and the American League hires one big blow to go around whacking members of the opposition to convince them to stop playing stop.

It doesn’t really mean that pitchers are not very good at hitting so in the American League the pitcher gets to put his feet up while a specialist batter takes his place uh what that’s not fair that’s like a guy who shows up late to a party and takes the last cupcake hands off cupcake thief plus seeing pictures struggle to hit the ball is fun so National League wins this round.

Round two a success hmm I guess a hard-and-fast marker of success comes from you know how well the leagues do against each other four of the last five World Series winners have been from the National League but in the interleague play the American League wipes the floor with the National League like an obsessive compulsive cleaner with an industrial-grade mop.

But League standings are dull let’s look at celebrities who has the better celebrity fans let’s see in the American League MC Hammer cheers for the A’s Ben Affleck is a die-hard Red Sox fan not bad not bad while in the National League Charlie Sheen is a Cincinnati Red fan stop the clock throw in the towel this one is over surprised he doesn’t back the Tigers National League goes up to one but what’s the most scientific way to decide of all.

Round 4 which league has the scarier team names the National League has the Diamondbacks their rattlesnakes Plus Giants which if nursery rhymes are anything to go by are pretty horrifying but look at the American League the Tigers the Rays stingrays are the weirdest creature in the sea whereas light rays burn put them together stingrays with lasers for always and that’s not even mentioning the Royals the royal family is the scariest of all their Lea pretty much anything we’re into round 5 and the scores are tied this is becoming a bit of a theme now guys so we want you to decide tell us which you think is the better.