Rugby American football – brutal sports with an egg-shaped ball and two brilliant sports in their own right but which is better let’s find out round 1 history both sports have grout histories rugby began when a kid called William Webb Ellis picked up the ball during a game of soccer at school run over the goal line with it and celebrated his score instead of being bullied and given a dead leg Webb Ellis was heralded as a pioneer of Australia and New Zealand.

Took to the sport immediately because back then they had nothing else to do no change there then football began early last century when two professors from Harvard said rugby’s boring let’s invent a new version but using the protective gear from American Gladiators and and the leotards as well football wins the first round even back then they were thinking at the Merchandise round two teams an American football team has as many as 10,000 players these players spend roughly seven seconds on the pitch at any one time rugby has teams of 15 men who aren’t allowed to leave the pitch until their ears have gone inside out.

Rugby wins the second round three cheerleaders football teams don’t just have football players they also have cheerleaders cheerleaders run onto the field of play it’s any given opportunity and wave bits of tinsel for no apparent reason but cheerleaders in football are way better than those in rugby I mean look at this lot they don’t even have pom-poms.

What a disgrace another win for football round for equipment in American football players grab as much padding as they possibly can you name it they wear it mattresses pots and pans Hollanders that square bit of foam your parents use to protect their knees while digging out weeds in the backyard then as if that isn’t ridiculous enough.

They cover themselves from head to toe in a spandex onesie what does rugby do in comparison I’ll tell you a mouth guard that’s it nothing else a mouth guard why are they only focused on protecting their teeth we British have the worst teeth in the world anyway rugby wins this round for the sheer cheek of it so after four rounds we’re tied at two apiece now it’s your turn which do you think is the better sports.