What does the diet of an Olympic athlete look like?

Some field taking a look at the diet of a female triathlete these are the athletes who train three times a day and they burn a lot of calories that means not only do they need to eat a lot of food they also need to eat a lot of carbohydrates that’s the main energy that drives their swimming biking and running because triathletes train.

So many hours they have to eat calories during their training session from things like sports drinks but they also have to be really mindful of recovery to make sure they get protein to repair those hard working muscles and carbohydrates to refuel them salmon contains omega-3 fats which can reduce inflammation that builds up in muscles and joints over years of training sports drinks and gels give working muscles instant fuel and are great for physical activity that lasts longer than an hour gymnasts tend to be some of the latest and smallest athletes that compete in Olympic Games.

That does mean that their calorie needs are going to be less than some of the other bigger athletes on top of that because gymnasts do short burst activity they don’t burn as many carbohydrates as some of the athletes who do endurance sports that means our gymnast is going to have smaller portions less carbohydrate intake but they’re really gonna focus on protein to help them staple and repair all the muscle damage from all.

That hard work very intense exercise they do every day oats are a great way to start the day because they won’t spike your blood sugar milk is a liquid source of protein which means it digests quickly and is great for regenerating muscles after a hard workout taking a look at the diet of a shop quarter now this is a really unique athlete these are one of them biggest strongest sets of athletes at the games because they are so big and strong they carry a lot of muscle and that means they need a lot of protein in their diet not only do they need protein however they do need carbohydrates because they do a lot of explosive work in training and they’re remarkably quick so you’ll see a balance of protein and carbohydrates shop orders need to recover quickly between a training session and weights and weight protein is perfect for that cottage cheese contains the dairy protein called casein it digests slowly to give you a steady infusion of amino acids overnight