PSL 8 Points Table | Team Standings & Rankings | PSL 2023

PSL 8 Points Table | Team Standings & Rankings | PSL 2023

PSL 8 Points Table

The six Pakistan super league teams are all prepared to compete for the PSL Championship this year. The PSL teams will battle for the highest four positions and a seat in the quarterfinals by getting the points and ascending the rankings. Check for the updated PSL 8 Points table, team statistics, and scores. The PSL 8 Points Table Leading 4 Teams will progress to the quarter finals.

Find out the most popular team ratings, fixtures, outcomes, and run rates for the PSL 8 Points table 2023. These games will begin in earnest at the Lahore and Karachi stadiums. The PSL final will be hosted at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore. A double round-robin format will be followed for the games, in addition to a quarterfinal timetable.

PSL 8 Points Table | PSL 8 Team Standings

Each game’s net run rate and runs scored by every team, as well as the PSL 8 points table, will be provided here afterward.

1Multan-Sultans MS21100002+1.382
2Islamabad-United ISL11000002+1.059  
3Peshawar Zalmi PZ 11000000+0.100
4Lahore-Qalandars LAH11100000+0.050
5Karachi-Kings KK 20200000-0.585
6 Quetta-Gladiators QG10100000-2.722

Glossary of terms

  1. M: The Number of games played.
  2. W: The total number of victories.
  3. L: The overall number of defeats.
  4. T: The number of tied matches.
  5. N/R: All matches that have been canceled.
  6. PT: Number of Points
  7. NRR: Net Run Rate

Psl 2023’s Rules And Points For The Pakistan Super League

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) will adhere to the same rules for the eighth season, with the team that wins earning two points. This signifies that in the event of a “no result,” every team makes one point, whereas the defeated team receives none. If the two teams are tied, an Extra Over is played to declare the outcomes of the game.

  1. If the two teams are tied after regulation, the match will be determined by the winners. To aid you in better comprehending the Pakistan super league chart, look at the following details:
  2. The highest amount of points in the PSL list will be employed to decide the leading position.
  3. If two or even more teams are locked on scores, the net run rate (NRR) will be determined to judge which team is going to win; the squad with the highest NRR will be declared the winner.
  4. In fact, if the NRR is locked, the team that has the greatest wins will conquer the other groups.
  5. If two groups are equal on all the factors mentioned, the champion will be chosen by their head-to-head encounter.

Structure And Points Table Eligibility For The Pakistan Super League 8

The tournament will be held in a double round-robin schedule. Each team will compete against other ranked teams during the division round. The top four squads will advance to the playoffs. The regulations and guidelines of the event are regulated by those established by the International Cricket Council abbreviated ICC.

The PSL 8 Scoring Table implements the very same points based system as prior seasons as well as any professional T20 competition that the ICC has recognized. After 10 encounters in the initial phase, standings will be calculated on the overall points earned. The leading four Pakistan super league teams proceed to the subsequent round. In the instance of success, two scores are awarded; in the instance of a tie, one point; and in the instance of a loss, zero points are granted. A super over will indeed be conducted after a tie-breaker in a tournament.

According to the following factors, a team’s placement in a class is ascertained:

  1. The group stage champion will be the squad with one of the most scores at the completion of the knockout rounds.
  2. The squad with a greater overall run rate will finish ahead of teams that own an equivalent number of points scored.
  3. The scores and the net run rate are similar in this instance. The team with the greatest number of points all across the knockout rounds would have been given more priority.
  4. The group with lesser defeats will score more points in the rankings when the other categories mentioned above would be comparable.
  5. If each requirement stays constant, the conclusion of the respective teams’ head-to-head encounters will determine the championship position.

Knockout Rounds:

The teams that came in second and third in the 2023 PSL scoring tables will engage in the qualifier match, whereas the teams that came in first and fourth will battle off in the inaugural stage of the knockout phase. The qualifying finalist will settle the finale. The losers of the qualifying game would be first dismissed. The loser of the eliminator will then come up against the champion of the inaugural knockout round of the subsequent knockout round. The winners of the qualifying game would then fight against the champion of the second knockout in the final match.

If the match finishes in a draw, the winner will be declared by extra over. The team with the greater knockout rounds rankings will prevail in the game if the super over concludes in a draw.


The ultimate T20 tournament in Pakistan will comprise a month-long championship game between every six Pakistan Super League (PSL) teams. The teams will endeavor to gather points to move up the PSL scoring table to vie for one of the desired top four positions and advance to the PSL playoffs. And because of this purpose alone, PSL 8 Points Table remains among the most talked-about and demanded point’s tables in PSL. The eighth PSL season feels intriguing as all the other PSL teams are determined to surpass their previous performances and finish first on the PSL 8 Points Table 2023.