Are you seeking the PSL 7 All Groups brand ambassadors? As most people are informed, the eighth PSL campaign in 2023 will eventually start. All sports fans are required to be kept in the loop about the Pakistan super league 2023. All teams’ brand ambassadors for the Pakistan super league 2023 will be mentioned here with their necessary information. All cricket fans will receive comprehensive information about the Brand Ambassadors of the PSL 2023 teams competing.

You can use this to discover more information about the team ambassadors of your preference. The eighth PSL will commence on January 27, 2023. So move immediately, acquire the tickets in advance, and get ready to cheer on your preferred team. You should entirely appreciate the Pakistan super league squad you are cheering for to achieve this.

All team brand ambassador for PSL 8 in 2023:

The eighth Pakistan super league tournament will comprise six squads. These squads are Quetta Gladiators, Lahore Qalandars, Peshawar Zalmi, Multan Sultan, Karachi Kings, as well as Islamabad United. The PSL 2023 fixtures are scheduled to begin, and all teams are set. Their squads are geared to face off against one another during the upcoming competition. There will be a lot of well-known personalities, particularly various Television celebrities, who will participate as the PSL 2023 teams’ ambassadors. They will offer the PSL 8 participating squads incredible support, which will enhance the participants’ morale.

PSL 2023 Season 8 Brand Ambassadors for All Teams

The comprehensive breakdown of PSL 8 brand ambassadors is shown below:

  1. Lahore Qalandars Brand Ambassadors:
  2. Shan Shahid
  3. Shaheen Shah Afridi
  4. Karachi Kings Brand Ambassadors:
  5. Humayon Saeed
  6. Shehzad Roy
  7. Fahad Mustafa
  8. Islamabad United Brand Ambassadors:
  9. Ali Zafar
  10. Momina Mustehsan
  11. Fawad Khan
  12. Multan Sultan Brand Ambassadors:
  13. Neelam Muneer
  14. Javed Sheikh
  15. Momal Sheikh
  16. Peshawar Zalmi Brand Ambassadors:
  17. Hamza Ali Abbasi
  18. Gul Panra
  19. Sana Javed
  20. Mahira Khan
  21. Quetta Gladiators Brand Ambassadors:
  22. Maya Ali
  23. Kaleem Ullah
  24. Annie Khalid
  25. Ahmed Mujtaba

Karachi Kings Brand Ambassadors for the PSL 2023:

Here are all the details about the brand ambassador for the Karachi Kings in PSL Season 7:

  • Humayun Saeed is considered the brand representative of the Karachi Kings. He is a renowned film and television actor. He is also well-known among Pakistani audiences for his major movies and dramas.
  • Shehzad Roy also serves as the Karachi Kings’ PSL 2023 brand ambassador. He is well-known among rock enthusiasts. Being a legendary performer, he has performed numerous melodies and anthems.
  • Another brand ambassador for the Karachi Kings in the PSL 8 is Fahad Mustafa. He is renowned for his outstanding performance in various films and television shows. He has produced several wildly successful films and TV shows for Pakistani audiences.

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Details of Lahore Qalandars’ PSL 8 brand ambassadors:

The Lahore Qalandars’ PSL 8 brand ambassadors are listed below.

  • The PSL 8 squad will be Shaan Shahid, Lahore Qalandar’s brand ambassador. He would be available in the venues for all of Lahore Qalandars’ matches to cheer on and assist them.
  • Young cricketer Shaheen Shah Afridi plays for Pakistan. He is also a participant of the PSL 2023 Lahore Qalandars team list. Shaheen Afridi is a determined and competitive player.

Specifics of the PSL 7 brand ambassadors for Islamabad United:

The Islamabad United squad’s PSL 2023 brand ambassadors are as follows:

  • Ali Zafar will represent Islamabad United as their brand ambassador. Ali Zafar, a talented singer and performer is a brand ambassador for PSL 8.
  • In the upcoming PSL 2023, Momina Mustehsan will also serve as Islamabad United’s brand ambassador. She is a phenomenal singer.
  • In the forthcoming PSL 8, Fawad Khan would also serve as Islamabad United’s brand ambassador. He is an internationally recognized performer who has been featured worldwide.

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Specifics of the Quetta Gladiators’ PSL 8 brand ambassadors:

The Quetta Gladiators’ brand ambassadors are mentioned below:

  • All Pakistani fans adore the well-known diva Maya Ali. In PSL 8, she will perform as the brand representative for Quetta Gladiators.
  • The initial brand ambassador for Quetta Gladiators was Annie Khalid. She has a large following as well. She will serve as a brand ambassador for PSL 8 as well.

Specifics of Multan Sultan’s PSL 2023 brand ambassadors:

The Multan Sultan brand ambassadors for PSL 2022 are listed below:

  • In Pakistani movies, Neelam Muneer is a popular actress. She has appeared in a wide range of shows. She has a sizable fan base.
  • The Multan Sultan team’s brand ambassador for the PSL 8 will be Javed Sheikh. He is a recognized TV and movie actor.

Information about Peshawar Zalmi’s brand ambassador for PSL 8:

The Peshawar Zalmi brand ambassadors for PSL 7 are as follows:

  • Television and movie icon Hamza Ali Abbasi is well-known. In previous seasons, he performed as the Peshawar Zalmi ambassador.
  • The well-known Pashto vocalist Gul Panra. She will also be listed among the PSL 2023 brand ambassadors. She is an excellent female activist.
  • TV actress Sana Javed is one of them. She has appeared in a lot of dramas, telefilms, and movies. She has been chosen to represent Peshawar Zalmi as their brand representative for PSL 8.


These are the list of PSL all teams brand ambassadors participating in the PSL 2023.