The Basic Rules of Basketball

Let’s get down to the rules so first of all the basics if you’re dribbling the basketball you want to be able to dribble with dribble it with one hand just like that you don’t want to be bouncing it with two hands because that’s a double dribble another thing you don’t want to do is to be dribbling around picking it up and dribbling again it’s also called a double dribble that is when you turn over the ball to the other team.

Let’s face it you don’t want that because you want to be able to score the next rule you are only allowed to take two steps so you can’t just go and dribble it and go I’m gonna walk somewhere I’m gonna be like LeBron James and walk eight steps you don’t really want to do that you want to be able to dribble the ball wherever you go if you’re allowed to take two steps when you’re going towards the basket so or at least when you’re moving to finish a pass so you’re allowed to take two steps and a layup two steps and a shot or two steps and a pass to somebody else.

The next rule basketball is technically a non-contact sport however there is still contact you’re allowed to put your hand on the other player to make sure that you know where they’re going especially if you’re looking around trying to see what’s happening with the basketball however if a player pulls you chuck’s you onto the ground hits you in any kind of way that is a foul on that player now it gets a little bit more difficult to call fouls when it comes to a charge that is when a player is dribbling towards the basket going in for a shot but a player stands right in front of them.

Yes if you’re running and he’s staying still you hit him it’s a foul on you however if that player is still moving in anyway some leaks will say if the lower body is still the upper body can still move while other leagues like the NBA say as long as your feet are planted you can still move side to side as long as it’s within your foot width so if you’re standing like this and you’re trying to knock somebody like that it’s a foul on you however at the same time to take a charge you just need to get in front of somebody have them run into you and fall and that is one way you can defend yourself or at least defend your team against taller players but I’ll get into that in another video aggghhhhh long width of those fouls if you’re shooting the ball and somebody at all touches your arm or anything like that or if they stick their foot underneath your feet when you’re trying to land if they’re invading your space it’s a foul on them the reason why sticking your foot as a defender under the shooting player’s feet that is considered you trying to injure them so it’s gonna be a foul on you even if that player doesn’t touch.